Traveling with Mom

I began traveling with my mother in the womb, and I’m convinced that’s where my wanderlust began. She decided, while pregnant with me, that she wanted to drive down Route 66 to California before the interstate highway system took over. I’m proud to say, “She did it.” She really is an amazing woman. I know a lot of people say that about their moms, but my mother has proven it to me over and over. She was a teacher, and would scrimp and save all year-long to take the two of us (my brother and I), along with my grandmother, on a trip in the summer. My mother was a single mother. One income. My grandmother and grandfather divorced after more than 40 years of marriage, and my grandmother only received only a small amount from Social Security every month, because she was a stay-at-home mother most of her life. Yet, these two women took my brother and I on a road trip every year. We drove all over the country, and to this day, there are only 5 states left in my quest to visit them all. Mom believed in the saying, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I know for sure that my life has been enriched by those travels with my mom.


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