A husband can humble you

I’m fortunate, I know that. With my mother devoting her life to raising my brother and I as world citizens, came lots of experiences that my classmates/friends/boyfriends/husband growing up hadn’t experienced. We traveled everywhere…constantly. We camped, we fished (well, my brother fished, I played along the shoreline),and we took countless photos at the Continental Divide. Until college, however, I had never left the country. After my college study abroad experience in London, I was hooked. I spent the next 7 years trying to get my then boyfriend, now husband, out of our house, let alone our country. Wanderlust does that to you…you want to share your travel experiences with those you love most. I just couldn’t get him to go. Finally, in 2009, he agreed to book a trip to London…and he adored it. We both did. It was magic. But more about that trip later. Since then, he has returned with me two more times. But it wasn’t until last week, while driving to his parents’ house at the lake, that I realized something. You see, we missed our turn and wound up in another state. (Now, considering the lake we were going to is on the border of both our states, this is not hard.) However, our missed turn turned into a an extra two-hour, mini road trip. We drove through towns we’d never seen, and vowed to go back for longer visits. In short, it was heaven for a traveler like me, and made me think back to the road trips of my youth. What I’ve failed to realize all these years with my focus on international travel, is that my husband hasn’t seen so much of OUR country. I have had that opportunity in the past, but he hasn’t. How selfish am I? How stubborn I have been about our travels as a couple. He has selflessly gone on “my” travels, without regard for himself. (Now, we have had amazing trips…that he has had lots of fun on, but there is so much left for him to see here.) He humbles me quite often, which is what makes “us” so special. What happened last week has injected a new wanderlust in me to revisit those places I’ve been before…the desert, the mountains, forests, cities, towns, cafes, diners, and scenic overlooks…only this time, with my husband. We came home and drug the atlas out of the closet…and talked about campsites and scenic drives.


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