Feeding the soul

I was reminded of the desert yesterday. A brilliant sunshine-filled day was explosively interrupted by a downpour of rain. The clouds didn’t build, the sky didn’t darken…the brilliant sun continued on, but the rain came down. I can remember visiting the desert in my youth and experiencing rain storms like that. I didn’t realize it then, but it nourished my soul. I loved the sun and rain mixed together, creating this perfect twist of sensations to your senses. It made me feel alive. I felt that way yesterday. I loved watching it fall, and the coolness that followed. Sometimes I think I’m too antsy to leave my home…like it’s not enough for me. That I love other places or countries so much that home just doesn’t have enough excitement. That’s really not true, though…(we are our own worst critics, after all.) When my husband and I are home, it’s a perfect atmosphere. We never want to leave for social gatherings…you can ask our friends! I believe, if anything, that travel makes you appreciate home even more. What I’ve noticed lately, and I guess it’s because I’m getting older, is that home is where love happens. It’s where we have our family and friends. I’ve realized that I don’t just have to travel to the desert or to another country to feed my soul. Just enjoying where I am in the moment is nourishment enough.


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