A husband letting go (and teaching me)

It only took seven years. Maybe it was a seven-year-itch, I’m still not sure, but finally, after seven years of begging and pleading, my husband agreed to go to London with me. Now, he can be a bit of a worry-wart, and even sometimes pessimistic. That is exactly why we are so great for one another. He grounds me. I keep my head in the clouds a lot of the time. Regardless of circumstances, I’m always ready to travel. Always. For him, fear of the unknown, airplanes, foreign countries, and who would take care of our pets, were all reasons why he was so reluctant to go. Now, you have to understand. It wasn’t just London that he had been avoiding, but really any trip away from home. He just didn’t seem to have the same wanderlust spirit like me. It was so hard for him to just let go. It didn’t matter how many pictures I showed him, or how many stories I shared, I just couldn’t get him interested. This place, however, was somewhere I desperately wanted to share with him. Finally, he said, “just book the trip, and I’ll go.” So I did. I booked an entirely different trip than I ever had. I tried to make it as easy as possible on him. We had a car take us from the airport from the hotel (I had always lugged luggage onto the subway). After the stress and frustration of the flight, we arrived, and I could tell he had finally let go of his worries. We got to our hotel, dropped off our luggage, and immediately headed out to explore the city. Within five minutes of leaving our hotel, we were standing in front of Buckingham Palace! I could tell he was in awe, and it made my heart happy. For me, that’s the pinnacle of a travel experience…sharing it with those I love most. I was blissfully happy, watching him taking in the beauty of his surroundings. He also showed me a side of the city I had never seen. We explored much of it at night, on foot, and went to restaurants I had never ventured to. I had never done any of that. Just as I had guided him through the first part of an unknown adventure, he guided me to places that I had been unsure of in that great city. He wasn’t the only one that let go. I did as well. I let go of creating a perfect trip for him, and just let our hearts lead us. That first trip there for us was magic. We showed each other the best part of ourselves. I guess that’s why I’m in awe of him most of the time. He will forever be teaching me to be a better person, and I only hope I can do the same for him.


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