A husband and I…a little out of step…

After so many trips to the London area, my husband and I get many quizzical looks when we say we are returning. Questions such as, “What are you going to see now?” It seems that after all those visits, we would have seen everything. Not true, however. London is so big, you could see something different in a place you’ve been twenty times before. This past spring, we had the opportunity to visit once again. We challenged ourselves with seeing things we had never seen. This time, there was a place we visited where we felt out of step…literally. Our clothes, hair and personalities were just a little too tame. It was busy, hectic, and a little crazy. I’m speaking of the Camden Market area of London. Now, we aren’t saying we didn’t absolutely love it…we did. It was one of those experiences that overwhelms your senses and makes you feel more alive. Cultures, stereotypes, people, and tourists collide on the streets of Camden Market. While walking up and down those streets, I was reminded of a quote by the philosopher Dagobert D. Runes, “People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” I hate to say it, but we do ignore certain aspects of our society at home. Why is that? Why are we so eager to experience things somewhere else, but not at home? I think I know the answer now, and it stems from our issues of not “fitting in” growing up. Could it be that he and I are willing to let go of our inhibitions in a faraway land, away from the judging eyes of home? Are we somehow living separate lives? One where we are seeking the approval of others, and another, without fear? We certainly seemed to stick out on the street that day, but for some reason, we were okay with it. Wanderlust must have taken us over…that spirit of truly immersing yourself in another part of life and culture. We weren’t obsessed with what others were thinking in Camden Market. It’s not that he and I are completely obsessed with others’ opinions of us, we truly aren’t now…in adulthood, we’re just reserved with our actions. We’ve experienced enough of the world and ourselves, that we feel comfortable just being us. Maybe that’s the key. Maybe opening your eyes to new experiences in every place, (your home included) is the secret to letting those inhibitions go…searching out those opportunities to share your life with others for a brief time. Over our respective lives, there have been many times when my husband and I felt a little out of step. We talk about it often. Growing up, he and I both struggled with self-confidence issues, and desperately tried to keep up with the crowd. No matter how much we tried, though, nothing helped that feeling. Until we met one another, we both felt like we didn’t quite “fit in.” One thing is sure, however, we fit with one another…and really, isn’t that all that matters?


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