Driving through clouds…

My husband and I took a road trip last weekend. We went through the desert and the mountains…two of my favorite places, and it was heavenly. The crisp mountain air settled into our lungs, and for a few days we were utterly peaceful and relaxed. We left everything…all our worries, at home. This was our first time traveling to the mountains as a couple. There is something about seeing their majesty that makes you appreciate our world even more…and get caught up in all of the awesomeness that lays out before you. While winding through a mountain pass, it happened before we realized it…we drove through a cloud. At first, we just thought it was fog, but with sunlight gleaming around us, we knew that wasn’t the case. It took a moment for it to set in. Then we looked at each other in amazement, and sheer wonder. It may not seem that special to some, but to us, that magical moment sent our hearts soaring at the splendor of our world. The rest of the trip, our eyes were open to every wonderful moment of nature in front of us. I wish we could do that more often in life. Oftentimes we forget, or just get too busy, to think about how wondrous our world is. It takes a moment like that to remind you. Driving through clouds are not everyday options for most of us, but I know I will think back to that moment when I get too caught up with the hectic way our lives can be. We must continue to “see” the world, not just as a blur that flashes by as we drive down the highway, but see the wonderful things right outside our windows. Let wanderlust guide you to wanting to “see” things in a better light. It reminded me of John Muir’s wisdom, “In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world.” It does give me hope that my sense of wonder of the world will continue to inspire me, and hopefully, others.

see the world


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