Family makes your heart whole. Some of us, myself included, get so caught up in the grind of life, that we neglect those family relationships that used to define us. Let me explain…my family lives across the state from me, not far by a lot of people’s standards, but far enough that weekends get eaten up by driving. I had already made plans to spend the Labor Day weekend with my family, and was excited to load the car up on Friday to go. Thursday morning, however, those plans abruptly changed. My brother was rushed to the ER, and quickly admitted to ICU. I hadn’t seen my brother since late June. Too long. I was in a panic, and immediately left for home. I can’t believe I had let that much time lapse in between us seeing each other. I’m thrilled to report that prayers were answered, and he is better, and back home. I spent the remainder of the holiday with my family, and it was blissful and wonderful. I love them so much. My heart is certainly full tonight.


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