A shift to kindness

I get disillusioned sometimes…disillusioned with the world I see now. I’m not a perfect person, far from it, but I see rudeness in others that I just can’t handle. I was raised to respect others – not just adults, but everyone. I don’t understand the sense of accomplishment I see in others after a rude or disrespectful act. Who is encouraging this rudeness? Why is it suddenly something to achieve? What happened to being kind, and trustworthy, and respectful to others? I don’t see goals of being better people, I see goals of overpowering others, telling people off, and fighting. What is happening? What can be done to stop it? Social media allow us to constantly compare our lives with others, and share disrespectful and rude photos, that just aren’t funny anymore. Reality television shows us people who are obsessed with money and drama. Music tells our youth that it’s okay to yell at your parents, do bad things to have fun, and drive down dirt roads at night to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend…what? Am I missing something? Maybe I’m just out of step with the modern world, or what is considered “cool.” That’s okay, I don’t have to be cool. I will just keep sharing positive, productive thoughts with others in the hope that something will work. Let’s turn this shift to rudeness around to being a shift of goodness. Help me out, everyone. Don’t encourage your children, or your family to be rude and disrespectful. Encourage them to lift others up, be humble, and respect the world and the people in it.


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