Reflecting to relax…

I have been stressed and frustrated lately. Everything has hit at once, and I’m reaching a threshold that I’m not used to. Life does that to us all sometimes. What makes the difference is how we handle it. I confess I’m not the best at it, I’m actually probably one of the worst. I’m slowing getting better though. A few weeks ago I was preparing a video for a family member’s birthday and looking at old footage. I stumbled across a video from the first trip my husband and I ever took together to London. We sat down and watched it, and I could feel the tension subsiding. It was a happy time. We were being silly, but seeing our carefree attitudes was refreshing. It made me think…why can’t we live life that way all the time? It’s simple, because “life” gets in the way. Our responsibilities weigh us down, and make us too serious. We have to work to live, and sometimes working is just not what we want to do, even if it’s something we love. So then I started thinking about how to inject that happiness into everyday life, and then I realized, reflecting on memories is what got me thinking, so maybe that’s it. Now, maybe that’s it for me…I understand that it may not be enough for others. I’m willing to start trying, however. The next time I’m exhausted and ready to just quit it all, and unable to travel away, I’m going to reflect back on happier memories and travels. I’m going to flip back through my travel journals, and photos, and souvenir boxes, and hopefully gain some peace of mind. I hope you do, too.


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