“The mountains are calling…”

…and I must go.” – John Muir

I must go. I must breathe in the crisp mountain air. I must listen to the roaring stream as it flows over rocks. I must see the snow-capped peaks rising above me. I must hear the rush of wind through the pine trees. I must feel the calmness of nature envelope me in its embrace. After just a few minutes of being in the mountains, my soul is nourished with a sense of renewal. 

  Photo credit: @wander_lust_girl

My husband and I camped in the Rockies a few weeks ago. Camping may not seem like a relaxing getaway for some, but for us, it is unlike anything else. Camping is not for everyone, and outside of childhood, I had not done much of it until recently. I’m proud to say that I am slowly getting the hang of it as an adult. In the same view from a camp chair, I could look at the glow of a campfire and Longs Peak, which still had remnants of snow from the winter before. There aren’t many views that can rival that. 

What I feel is the most special about a mountain getaway, is the break from reality. In our connected, fast-paced world, our lives move rapidly to the next event. It is difficult to really savor the moments happening all around you. In the mountains, there were moments of peace, and moments of disconnect. No access to social media, no wonder of what someone else was up to, only what we were doing. It truly  doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, does it? It’s much simpler to focus on your home and family. That’s what matters. I brought that home with me from the mountains this time. I’m going to disconnect from distractions and focus on what truly matters more frequently. Hopefully this will help to renew my soul at home. I do know that regardless, the mountains will still call, and I still must go. 

  Photo credit: @wander_lust_girl

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  1. lovelifelivingandgettingby · July 25, 2015

    So beautiful

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